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We created Relata to liberate relationship-driven sales teams to do what they do best — build incredible relationships.

We’ve been problem solvers from the beginning

Co-founders Lucas Wurfbain and Charlie Henderson first devised the idea for Relata whilst getting frustrated with the ineffective relationships in capital markets and investment management. They saw first hand how the market shifted from small tight-knit networks to larger but weaker ones, and became increasingly frustrated with the results of the shift. While on the hunt for a technology that generated high-performance insights that matched a company’s financial insights, they soon realised that no such thing existed.So the duo set to work on creating the solution. Since then, we’ve built the AI-powered Relata platform with real-time data capture at its core. Our insight-first approach provides intelligence that frees sales teams from gut-based decisions. That way, you don’t target the wrong people, take the wrong next action, and miss vital growth opportunities.A few years later and we’ve grown the Relata team to over 20 ambitious individuals, opened offices in London, and massively advanced our state-of-the-art platform. But our core mission remains the same – to bring science to the art of relationship building, creating the best experiences for both customers and teams.

Our clients

We work with organisations in banking, asset management, legal, accounting, consulting, executive search and corporate enterprise who rely on ever-deeper relationships to grow customer accounts.

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Our team

It takes a brilliant team of PhDs, computational neuroscientists and deal experts to continually push boundaries and innovate. Our team of Mckinsey, Goldman Sachs and UBS alumni have walked the walk and know what matters.

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Our security

ISO 27001 certified and satisfying all the compliance, legal and security requirements of the most highly regulated institutions, Relata ensures that your privacy is respected and your information is secure.

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Built to meet the complex needs of relationship-driven sales teams

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