Use AI to
optimise your
client relationships

Relata can help you track, explore and improve your client relationships with our first-class dashboards, or by enriching your existing CRM.

Relata automatically identifies your client network to measure the strength and change of your relationships over time

enabling you to

monitor the health of your client relationships, boost data quality in your key systems, and receive unrivalled
AI-powered insights to better guide your teams

Connect via API to key systems like your CRM
Enterprise grade security with ISO 27001 certification
Complete automation requiring no manual input
12 months of historic data on day 1 included by default

What we offer

Explore your client network with ease

Our dashboard experience makes it easy to understand how contacts are interacting with your emails, explore your organisation's network, see how relationships are changing and view insights to strengthen your network.

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Effortlessly improve the data in your CRM

Our APIs automatically populate contact details, contact activity and relationship stats into your CRM, so you no longer have to rely on your colleagues for manual input.

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Extract value from your written communication

Our proprietary, industry-trained NLP models can extract topics and themes from your emails, helping insurers to identify submissions, financial institutions to identify stocks and funds or lawyers to identify specific bills - if you can imagine it, we can identify it.

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What people are saying about Relata

Charlie Davies
ex-AON (Carrier Management)

Relata leverages leading edge technology to solve some of the pivotal problems in insurance: Who knows whom? How are my relationships evolving? Are we servicing our clients as well as we should be? Are we tracking all of our submissions?

All of this is solved automatically, without anyone having to manually enter any data into a system.

I know from my own experience that this solves a big stumbling block that used to lead to missed opportunities and terrible data.

Implementation Manager
Jupiter Asset Management

Their intelligence technology has provided Jupiter with an innovative data capture tool, a tool which has rapidly become an essential asset to the development of Jupiter’s BAU process.

Our integration was quick, efficient and supported by consistent communication between senior representatives and internal users. We were quickly able to derive meaningful insights from our myriad relationships and act on these swiftly, providing us with the opportunity to develop quick and measurable MI to display the business impact.

Toby Duckworth
Founding Partner - 121 Group

In our second month of usage one Account Manager closed more than 70,000 USD in business by using Relata data.

Simply put, the ROI of Relata is unrivalled.

Head of Underwriting
Lloyds Syndicate Underwriter

Relata has allowed us to gain immediate insights into our broker relationships and how well we service them.

Their automated approach has replaced burdensome and inefficient manual processes - stuff nobody in our company wants to do...

Head of IT
Leading Global Bank

There is no problem too large for the Relata team to undertake, including the integration into our high-security technology stack.

Matthew Norman
Head of Technology - Redburn Atlantic

We are always looking for the best technology solutions that can deliver value to our business. We chose Relata because of its new automated approach to understanding client interactions and have been amazed by the insights it produces.

Almost 10 x more client data captured than our traditional CRM workflows with zero disruption to any client facing staff, whilst delivering continuous insights to our sales and management teams. Both parts of the business win.

CRM Manager
Wealth Management

We've spent a small fortune on our CRM, and the data quality has been terrible.

Using Relata's APIs, we've been able to improve the data quality tenfold, and reduce the need for our team to enter contacts, emails and meetings. It's certainly made them happy!

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