Our Dashboards

Explore your client
network with ease

Our dashboard experience makes it easy to understand how contacts are interacting with your emails, explore your organisation's network, see how relationships are changing and view insights to strengthen your network.

Advanced email interactions

See who's reading
your emails

Our advanced email interactions make it easy to see who is reading, clicking, forwarding and revisiting the emails you send every day.

Automatic network curation

Navigate your organisation's network

We automatically capture every contact and company known to your organisation, and make it easy to navigate your way through your network.

Visualise how your relationships are changing over time with our Relationship Scores and other advanced metrics.

Relationship explorer

Deep dive on your relationships

Bring your network to life and interactively understand who-knows-whom across your relationships.

Rich filtering makes it possible to find relationships which are at risk, or to understand where teams may be under-servicing a client.

Contact detail extraction

Effortlessly find
contact details

Our custom NLP automatically identifies key contact details from a recipient's email signature, and populates this data into the dashboards.

Have up-to-date access to names, email addresses, phone numbers, role titles and locations for all of the contacts in your network.

Topic analysis

Spot trends in your email content

Our extensive NLP suite enables us to identify topics and trends within your written communications. From company names, stock tickers and commodities to legal bills, insurance lines and more, we help you understand what is resonating with your clients.

Relata Report

Actions to improve your personal network

See which contacts need your attention, where there might be opportunity, where you're wasting effort and more with our actionable insights.

Old way

New way

Relata way

Automatically syncs all emails and meetings using data from MS Graph.

Automatically identifies your entire organisation's network, making it easy to navigate.

Automatically identifies phone numbers, role titles and more from email signatures and keeps the dashboards up-to-date.

Analyses relationship trends, with custom AI-driven models for Topic identification, Sentiment analysis and more.

Provides a first-class UX to visualise changes in your relationships over time.

Gives individuals actionable insights to improve the health of their networks.

Provides 12-months of historical data on Day 1 by default.

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Old way

Poor CRM data integrity showing only a subset of your network.

Spreadsheets containing your top clients and their details.

Layers of complicated BI dashboards hindered by poor data.

No way to know if contacts were reading your emails, or when to follow up accordingly.

No visibility of when contacts were last interacted with, or when their details were last updated.

Reliance on colleagues to update data in the system.