Our NLP & Smart AI

Extract value from your written communication

Our proprietary, industry-trained NLP models can extract topics and themes from your emails, helping insurers to identify submissions, financial institutions to identify stocks and funds or lawyers to identify specific bills - if you can imagine it, we can identify it.

NER topic model

Financial topics

Our custom Financial Topics model makes it simple to understand the Companies, Stock Tickers, Commodities, Regions and more mentioned in your written communications.

Quickly gain insight into what is resonating with your clients, and how that is changing over time.

NER topic model

Custom topics

Find out what topics are resonating within across your network and identify the key themes that are important to your top clients.

Our custom topic models make it simple to identify themes across your written communications.

NLP classification model

Sentiment analysis

Our Machine Learning algorithms summarise the emotional content of your communication, giving you a new dimension for monitoring your client relationships.

NLP classification model

Financial research classification

For Buy-side and Sell-side clients, understand in greater detail the types of research you are generating or consuming.

NLP classification model

Insurance submission classification

Automatically identify insurance submissions from emails and gain greater insight into the journey around each submission.

Custom data modelling

Got a problem that needs to be solved?

No problem is too big for our highly skilled data team.

Get in touch to explore how we can solve your data classification and modelling needs.

Old way

New way

Relata way

Data automatically classified in real time, empowering teams to make decisions.

Highly trained custom models identifying data specific to your business.

An unbiased source of truth for your team to make decisons from.

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Old way

BD managers sifting manually to find insight from data.

Bias, qualitative insight manually collated from team members

Poor visibility of data and trend analysis.