Our APIs

Effortlessly improve
the data in your CRM

Our APIs automatically populate contact details, contact activity and relationship stats into your CRM, so you no longer have to rely on your colleagues for manual input.

Combat data quality issues with automation

It's the #1 issue we hear from new clients - their CRM platform is missing a bunch of data and as a result, it's not delivering value to the business.

With our APIs, you can automatically sync every contact known to your organisation, and the associated email and meeting activity.

12 months of data by default, no manual input required.

Remove reliance on manual input

Our custom NLP automatically identifies key contact details from a recipient's email signature, and provides this data via API into your CRM.

Benefit from a continually updated stream of names, email addresses, phone numbers, role titles and locations for every contact in your organisation's network.

No need to rely on colleagues to update your CRM.

Use AI to cut
through the noise

Our custom classification engine automatically identifies newsletters and personal contacts in your network (spouses, schools, clubs etc) for removal, along with contacts who have left their role, and those who are executive assistants.

Keep your network clean without lifting a finger.

Not just for your CRM

CRMs aren't the only platform to benefit from Relata's data.

Our clients use our APIs to power various key platforms from marketing suites to custom analytics dashboards.

Empower your key platforms with our automated data.

Old way

New way

Relata way

Automatically syncs all emails and meetings using data from MS Graph.

Automatically identifies phone numbers, role titles and more from email signatures and populates your CRM.

Automatically identifies and cleanses the data using AI.

Enjoy a CRM with boosted engagement and increased data quality.

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Old way

Rely on colleagues to update contact details and log emails and meetings.

BCC your CRM into email chains for visibility.

Remember to add CRM activity via an Outlook plugin.

Lament the quality of your CRM data and the poor engagement.