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EMEA Equities Broker Case Study

The Client Problem

This independent research provider had been using a traditional CRM system to record its client engagement and research interactions. An internal audit revealed that the manually collated information it contained was largely inaccurate and much of it was out-of-date or missing. The business also knew that its greatest blind spot was the high-frequency, high-value email and chat communications. Senior management wanted to leverage our unique technologies to track the distribution of its research services, improve its client relationships and provide its clients with more accurate data in its quest to track and apportion spend under MiFID II. In this increasingly complex research pricing environment, the client was looking for AI-driven intelligence on how it could really deliver value for clients, and to provide a data-driven approach to justify appropriate client service levels.

Relata’s solution

Relata’s automated data capture platform delivers a richer relationship intelligence than any of the traditional CRM systems leveraging bespoke NLP models tailored to the investment research arena. The system captures, analyses and classifies over 3000 data points per user, per day to give a real-time, 360-degree view into the enterprise’s activities and relationships. Our ‘Synapse’ dashboard equips front-office users with instant, actionable insight into opportunities and risks within their client-base, enabling them to outperform and increase ROI.

Relata’s NLP models instantly classify the interactions into five different categories so that the research provider can build a data-driven, qualitative report of the services it is providing to its clients. This delivers an evidence-based justification of research fees and delivers tangible, quantifiable commercial benefit.

Gaining access to Relata’s structured dataset helps our client to streamline operations, manage costs effectively and refine and improve revenue-generating opportunities. Relatas platform enables them to better serve their clients with more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

Overall, Synapse was able to:
  1. Automatically populate the CRM systems of the client, saving up to 30% of front-office time which is otherwise wasted inputting data into an error-prone, manual system.
  2. Enrich the client’s CRM system with 10 times more client engagement data than was previously being captured.
  3. Identify 5 times the number of unique email subject lines.
  4. Acquire 4 times as many relationship contacts.
  5. Capture, analyse and categorise three times the number of chargeable client events that would otherwise be lost. This has had an immediate impact on our client’s revenue.
How did we get there?

Relata worked with the client to deliver a bespoke and customised hosting solution. Relata’s modular system architecture provided flexibility to fulfil the client’s legal, regulatory and data privacy requirements. The client opted for the cloud-based hosting for which the majority of the components are run in a single-tenant cloud instance that is fully managed by Relata.

Requiring minimal knowledge and effort from the client, this solution allowed for a faster go-live time frame and resulted in the system being up and running in the client’s environment within 2 weeks.

Relata releases regular maintenance updates and takes full ownership of the running, maintenance and upgrades delivered to the on-cloud components.

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