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Global Insurance Broker Case Study

The Client Problem

A global insurance broker was looking to address the challenge presented by the complex relationship ecosystem and communication siloes which exist between clients, international retail brokers, UK-based wholesalers and underwriters. Both the managers and the brokers within the business wanted to fully visualise the flow of information between the firm and all its external stakeholders and clients, and understand who held the key relationships and how those relationships were evolving over the broking lifecycle in order to drive the firm’s profitability and maximise efficiency.

Each broker had their own system of maintaining their portfolio of clients, doing business development and maintaining relationships. They operated in a very siloed manner and had little visibility of who their colleagues were talking to and about what. Compounding this complex client relationship matrix was the fact that none of the brokers used the CRM for anything other than pipeline management, so it was hard to see at an individual level where relationships lay and what was going on across client contacts. Therefore, the data upon which the firm was basing strategic business development, forecasting and growth decisions, was incomplete. Carrier management teams, liaising with distribution teams and underwriters, also wanted a clearer picture, outside of trading volumes, of where things were going well and badly.

As relationships have shifted from in-person to digital, each broker had a growing number of digital touch-points per relationship.

Senior management wanted to gain visibility of broker activity and which clients/relationships were being under or over serviced. Carrier management teams wanted this broker insight too, not only to feedback to brokers internally but also to carriers. This is so that they could identify any challenges at an early stage, by being able to predict and understand issues in good time, additionally prior to things like ongoing placements/renewals. They also wanted to look at internal (and external) retail and wholesale broker relationships, understand which lines were being discussed with whom and when, as well as better understand the quality of the brokers’ relationships with clients.

Relata’s solution

By analysing millions of data points gathered directly from the firm’s internal and external email flow, Synapse captures all the client, underwriting and inter-broker relationships, analysing contacts, companies, content and colleagues and surfacing relationship quality insights to maximise revenue opportunities and minimise renewal issues.

Synapse provides real-time analysis of which brokers within the firm are speaking to which clients, brokers and underwriters and how it is going. This instantly and automatically removes the communication siloes that otherwise can cause clients to be left unattended, the best terms to be endangered and margins to be jeopardised.

Previous communication siloes between the underwriter, broker and client are broken down thanks to Synapse’s ability to provide relationship maps across the firm and its stakeholders and clients. Brokers can understand who within their firm holds the key relationships with clients and insurers to ensure the best terms are obtained in every instance and clients stay happy.

Overall, Synapse can:
How do we get there?

Relata integrates with our clients to deliver a bespoke and customised hosting solution. Relata’s modular system architecture provides flexibility to fulfil the client’s legal, regulatory, security and data privacy requirements. The client can opt for a cloud-based hosting for which the majority of the components are run in an isolated client cloud account that is fully managed by Relata.

Requiring minimal knowledge, training and effort from the client, this solution allows for a faster go-live time frame and results in the system being up and running in the client’s environment within 2 weeks.

Relata releases regular maintenance updates and takes full ownership of the running, maintenance and upgrades delivered to the on-cloud components.

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