Why Relata?

The best sales teams build great relationships

With competition smarter than ever and the path-to-purchase lengthening, it’s critically important for sales professionals in complex B2B industries to obsessively focus on the detail of their ever growing people networks.

Sales leaders are facing a perfect storm for mediocre sales results.

Build human connections across digital networks

Professional networks are getting larger, but weaker.

People respond favourably when they feel seen, understood and valued. But how can sales teams truly connect – honestly, deeply, valuably – when they’re no longer face-to-face but stretched over more contacts over emails, text, LinkedIn, message bots, video calls and a dozen other channels? Relationships suffer while teams are running harder to keep up.

Increase outreach quality, not volume

And the greater you scale, the more you lose.

There’s nothing worse than losing a customer you didn’t know was unhappy. Yet teams pulled in many directions – over networks, channels, touch points and stakeholders – are left with only two choices: rely on guesswork to know who to call and when, or be superhumanly persistent to engage every connection intimately at the exact point they need it most. That’s fine over 10 accounts but 50? 100?  500? Without insights to optimise their relationships, teams risk burning out.

Accelerate business results

The buying journey
is harder and more complex than ever.

High-value complex sales cycles do not play out in any kind of perfect, linear order – they’re long, they’re loopy and they bounce across many committees and buying teams. Sales teams, already stretched, have to keep multiple stakeholders warm for longer and there’s a significant drop in conversion if they don’t. If you’re not proactively enabling stakeholders to make critical buying decisions in the moment, even your winnable deals will turn cold.

Leverage firm-wide networks to find relationships

Competitors are savvy, quick and fierce.

Today’s B2B buyers are constantly being sold to – trial this, demo this, download that and their data used to tempt them away from existing providers. Your clients have much information and many options. If you’re not engaging the right buyers with the right messages at the right time to stay top of mind, then your competitors are. Are you letting competitors walk away with key accounts?

We sell to more prospects but close fewer deals.

It’s easy to think of sales as a numbers game – the more prospects, the more leads, the more eventual clients won. Yet organisations are falling short of their growth goals because they can’t consistently make the best relationship-enhancing decisions in the hundreds of moments that make up the sales cycle. Your people could be losing hours – even days – each week working on leads that won’t lead anywhere, instead of nurturing those that will.

Built to meet the complex needs of relationship-driven sales teams

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